WELLSURFNESS (August 2018)

WELLSURFNESS (August 2018)


WELLSURFNESS (August 2018)



A Summer escape for a bunch of like-minded friends.

Everyone has a captivating story about paradisiac islands hidden away somewhere.

Our story starts with the Maldives this coming August 2018.

Leaving everything for a week. Getting away from it all with 20 new and unique friends that will last forever.

A dream come true. A 45m luxury yacht that will take us to snorkelling  and surfing adventures away from crowds.

We are going to disconnect for some days, so we can really connect fully with ourselves and the people around us.

An adventure that will change your life.

What's included

  • 24h Wellness
  • Brilliant-beautiful people from all over the world
  • Daily Surf, Yoga for all levels
  • All meals covered: breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks (vegan, gluten free, dairy free and many other dietary options)
  • Breakfast is King! Certified Nutrition Coach on board that will prepare healthy bowls every morning.
  • Daily Surf Classes for Beginners
  • World Class Certified ISA Surf Instructor for your Surf Sessions
  • 1 Daily Yoga Class for all levels (sunrise, afternoon or night yoga) given by a dreamy Yoga Teacher
  • Whale-shark Diving
  • Snorkelling in Crystal Water (with dolphins, turtles, swordfish,…)
  • Sunset Terrace Roof-top Bar and Jacuzzi
  • Available surf gear and board upon request
  • Meaningful Travel (collaborative and charity projects)
  • Photographic Content delivered daily for your amazing Instagram feed
  • Daily Meditation Ocean Sound Bath Practice at Sunrise brought to you by Happy Plugs
  • No alcohol is recommended - but there is a bar (alcoholic drinks are not included in price)
  • Jacuzzi Spa in the Yacht

Pricing info

£2100 per person on a yacht cabin allocation.

The 2018 trip is currently available for a maximum total of 22 people to ensure a more private, comfortable and secluded experience.

Trips offered on a first come first serve basis.

Only brilliant, amazing and respectful people accepted.

If you travel individually, an amazing cabin partner of the same sex for privacy will be allocated to you.


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