I take my pleasures seriously. I believe in the yin and yang of life. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we feel low. But the good times must seriously go on.

How many times have I laughed so hard on the phone talking with my best friends?

Then, hand on stomach, stomach in pain from laughing (almost crying), I often think ‘Isn’t this a gift – after so many years, to have someone that tells me the truth and to laugh loudly about it?’

Five stars pleasure.

Being aware of, and creating, four and five-star experiences makes you blessed. Waking up with the sound of the waves is a serious blessing experience.

A strong morning cup of Balinese coffee with the perfect coconut creamer: four stars.

Going for a walk on the coastal reef when the tide is low looking for crabs: four stars again.

Sunset surf with crystal clear waters and glassy conditions: 5 stars plus.

Sitting under the stars in my underwear while sipping on raw cacao vegan milk-shakes next to the one you love: 5 stars.

Bali: 5 stars.

Dreamsea Surf accommodation in Bali has all of the above, making it a 20 something-stars pleasure.

I know for sure this energy reciprocates: the amount of pleasure you put out comes back.

Your base level of pleasure is determined by how you view your whole life.

99% of that vision is internal, your own sweet spirit singing happy songs and transpiring through.

The other 1% is that sunset view from the balcony of the suite room at Dreamsea.

Still sea-wet.

Hotel: Dreamsea Bali