• Jorge Abian is a writer, filmmaker, photographer and event producer.

    Some of his fondest memories include nothing but friends and travel adventures. That is why he is dedicated to tell stories and create meaningful travels for modern explorers.

    Utterly unconcerned with retirement, he has already lived all his adult life in partial retirement by doing the things he loves for a living.

    His work experience includes being part of the management teams at WPP Group in Barcelona as a Creative Director and Copywriter, Real State agent for Fashion Brands in New York City at Nexus. Helping with the expansion of Tinder in Europe, and helping with the transport revolution of the last decade at Uber.

    He also helped to build the company Trip4real as General Manager until it was sold to Airbnb.

    "I believe every company, every venture, every project has a story to tell. I thrive by helping to develop those stories in a way people can relate to and find meaning in them."

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  • WPP Group, HS, Nexus, Tinder, Uber
  • Trip4Real (now Airbnb)
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  • Great Adventures for Modern Explorers (Summer 19)
  • Redefining Retirement (Book Summer 19)