• JORGE ABIAN is an author, photographer, actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Best known for his disruptive approach to business growth, his career has taken him to the executive teams of Nexus, Healthy Suprise, Tinder, Uber, Trip4real (acquired by Airbnb after his period as General Manager), The Yacht Week and The Ski Week, unequivocally impacting millions of people with his work.

    Jorge's books on travel have also reached thousands of people. First known for his Taco Book 'In Search of The Best Life Taco' in the Los Angeles community, he has continued taking photos while joining unique adventures provided by modern travel companies ultimately resulting in the signing with Lonely Planet/Grupo Planeta publisher to release his latest photography book: '29 Aventuras que Debes Vivir'.

    Jorge has also advised dozens of companies and entrepreneurs. He now focuses on the promotion and fundraising of non-profit and for-profit companies that promote and fight for a new world order and living habits for consumers. Waves4change, Ocean Conservancy are among those companies.

    Jorge's events (called Wellsurfness) have been featured in Conde Nast Magazine, Esquire, GQ, Surfer Rule Magazine and other outlets as 'The Ultimate Wellness Experience' and 'Travel: Redefined'. Wellsurfness travels transport you to magical destinations like the Maldives, Niseko or the Atlantic Coast of Portugal, North of Spain and South of France with an excellent group of old and new friends while practising conscious activities -surfing, yoga, skiing or plastic cleanings- that surely will change your life for the better.

    His mission is to continue advocating for a new world, being part of the imminent revolution and continue creating books, screenplays, photographs and films that tell unforgettable stories - 'the best (and maybe only) way to fill the soul with hope'- he says.

    He currently lives in a farm outside of Lisbon, but runs with the wind.

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