• Now 31, Jorge Abian lives in Los Angeles, but could live somewhere else. Nothing beats a pen to write stories, a book to get inspired or a movie that makes you dream and fly far away.

    Some of his fondest memories include nothing but friends and adventures. That is why he is dedicated to creating curated experiences and meaningful travels for himself and all the other modern explorers out there.

    Utterly unconcerned with retirement, he has already lived all his adult life in partial retirement and in perfect health.

    His work experience includes being part of the management teams at WPP Group (Barcelona), Nexus (NY), Tinder (Europe), Uber, Trip4real (now Airbnb), The Yacht Week and The Ski Week (London) where he learnt a lot, but more importantly allowed him to live in some of the most vibrant cities in the world.

    Now, he creates experiences. Embark yourself in one of them. Change your world.

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  • Experience
  • Tinder, Uber
  • Trip4Real (now Airbnb)
  • Writing
  • In Search of the Best Life Taco (Book)
  • The Walker (Book)
  • True Brothers Hate Each Other (Screenplay)