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Jorge Abian in a house in Todos Santos with ocean and sunset as a background

The world’s #1 worst tourist destination.

A place where a coffee runs for 6 USD and they will look at you weirdly if you do not tip. Raw sunsets cover the sky at one point and then serenity rules everywhere but at Tequila Sunrise. The place where Brad Pitt drank until late while on set for Troya.

Location for Hotel California which inspired infamous The Eagles song.

If you surf, chilly Cerritos is just 15 min south. And yes, the waves are good. And it is SO not-crowded everyone you meet will salute you with a mexican smile.

Drive to the desert roads of East Cape where the only vegetation are CACTUS. All kind of. Surf Shipwreck and admire the sahara-like dunes from clear blue waters.

Take a picture to remember you’ve been at the world’s worst tourist destination.

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