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Where were you when this video happened? What are you doing while you watch it? What keeps you sitting there instead of just going off to a warm desert island to live freely and creatively? Who are you to judge all those who did it and consider themselves blessed for the life they have? I asked all this questions to myself when I saw this video yesterday. And I have the answer. The answer is fear. But to what?

I am scared not only to fall into other peoples idea of failure but to my own idea of failure. I think staying where I already am will keep me safe of not being comprehended. I’m afraid sometimes of not doing what I do, but most of the time what really scares me is doing what I really want to do.


Once I read there was a master who everyday of his life woke up at the same time, did the same thing over and over again until he died and he was remembered by his skill. He might even be remembered for years to come. That deserves a great amount of respect. But what kept him doing it still remains unsaid.

Constantly seeking to feel good and alive is not always easy. The more you learn how to make your body smile, the easier is to fall into non-consciousness. I ought to believe there is a way to challenge your mind and body wherever you are, but once you’ve experienced and seen the endless amount of possibilities out there, doing the same thing, over and over again, looses sex appealing.

To grasp the full significance of life while I live. To discover why this video made me itch. To know myself not looking at others plate.

  • Hannah

    9:49 pm - Wed, Sep, 2013 - Reply

    I just bought a ticket to Bali! meet me there!

  • James

    9:49 pm - Wed, Sep, 2013 - Reply

    Hey Jorge, where can i find your book?

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