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Jorge Abian walks into the wild at Death Valley Desert dunes.

Eternal lovers of the free rides of the earth. Children of the sun.

The rivers, the falls, the roads, the jungles, the deserts, the sands and the winds. Nothing can in any other way make us feel stronger, scream louder.

We get on or off a road and we might get killed by a blowing wind. But who cares?

We believe in the beauty of life along the shores. On beautiful porches loving each other in hammocks under pouring rain. Heavy drops whistling in serenity storms. Sunrise baptisms covered with snowy skies help us close our eyes. We were born howling on steep slopes. We either ride or die.

We love the raw forces of the planet, powerful motions of the earth that become an emotion we think of as freedom. Children of the Sun.

Everyday we are born to be wild and endlessly we live until we die.

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