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Hosted by a woman and a daughter.

Received at night with a full just roasted chicken and some booze.

A vintage grunge look. Cigarettes, candles and smoke.

Burning woods warming up the house. Feeling wildness and coziness far out from home.

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Freedom. A riot in me.

How to live with no fire. Lost in Vall d’Aran. A treasure. A town guarded by mountains where all its restaurants are gold, its people gems and the slopes eternal. I feel it.

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6 Beautiful men in a club in madrid

I land on a plane. I get on my legs. I call my friends. Straight up from there I’m against the fence. Tapas. Jamon. A beer why not and a red pack of cigarettes. Dinners. Reunions. Tertulias. A year of dreamt well served drinks. Spanish chicks. Old posh dress code politesse. Fallen leafs. Sober cold. Saturdayz pacharanes at Malasaña. Coconut Bar arvo. Shopping round around Chueca & Barrio Salamanca. Nights out. Hugs. Big smiles. Old Spain.

Jorge Abian stands in front of the Maya Ruins in Tulum, Mexico. An astonishing landmark landscape located in the Yucatan Province.

Somewhere around Death Valley’s desert on the edge of the border between California and Nevada the sun began to fall. I remember her saying something like “it’s like we could do whatever we want-whenever we wanted”. Having a guest staying at my place in Santa Monica I had just discovered how easy was to travel for free.

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Where were you when this video happened? What are you doing while you watch it? What keeps you sitting there instead of just going off to a warm desert island to live freely and creatively? Who are you to judge all those who did it and consider themselves blessed for the life they have? I asked all this questions to myself when I saw this video yesterday. And I have the answer. The answer is fear. But to what?

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Photo of the elevator at the Standard Hotel in NY by Jorge Abian

Inside a city that never sleeps charisma needs to socialite, style needs to be seen, vanity wants to upgrade and design acclaims thrones and crowns in every corner.

Caos had never been more elegant. Surrounded by astonishing views find yourself at NY’s best see-and-be-seen rooftop bar. Stairway to heaven and hell. Go at night. Cross the gates.

See you later, in the elevator.


Ancient temples surrounded by clear blue water and green rain forests. A mixture. A collection of trendsetters settled up as a contemporary tribe responding to the needs of nowadays expert travellers. Healthy food lovers will find a new adventure to get excited. To-dos seekers will stablish here their new full time schedule. Temazcal baths. Sapito’s magic. Slow live music. Hammocks. A new world. An ancient one.

Full moon surf scar

It’s 5am. I’m cleaning out my wounds. A big bomb (wave) threw me down the rocks reef when I was full-moon-surfing Malibu an hour ago.

Clean long lines. All shadows and a light. A big yellow eye illuminating the black surfers heads. There’s at least 10 of us out there. But no one makes a sound. Between sets it’s pure calmness. No fear at all. But here they coming. Boom. C’mon.

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