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Photograph of Bondi Beach at Sunrise from a natural pool at the Icebergs Bar

Fitness freaks. Tons of surfers you will like. Broken waves. Hollow waves. Not locals only. Bodies from all over. A colorful collage.

Cold beers. Mates. Chicken paté and halloumi cheese for dinner at The Hill. A young blonde french girl working at Surfection. A dark skin skinny french girl serving beer at the Bucket List. A french girl sleeping in my bed. Gourmet backpackers. Small chai tea lattes. Natural sea salt swimming pools. Rock ocean ramps and paddle boats at North Bondi. Wednesdays at the Beach Road Hotel: a hot blood human pool with a million different accents. Girls and boys. Pretty girls. Pretty boys as well. A sexual young adults dance. Surfing hangover cures. Fast weather changes. Pouring rain. Sunburns.


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